About Raised Image

Raised Image Reprohouse (Pty) Ltd


We are an award winning flexo printing plate supplier to the printed flexible packaging industry. Our vision is to be recognised as the company which realises and optimises the potential of the flexographical printing process, through innovative and informed reproduction techniques. The feeling of just not achieving proof quality is seen as an opportunity to make a difference in our industry. We understand the value of an excellent printing production run. Raised Image Reprohouse (Pty) Ltd, originally formed in 1997, has been acquired by Acme Graphics (Pty) Ltd however, we have retained the brand equity and value of the business to ensure that our customers get much more whilst retaining everything they love. The tremendously skilled Lee Collins and the Raised Image team now have access to Acme Graphics manufacturing facilities and their latest colour technology. Raised Image customers will benefit from expanded plate choices, access to Kodak NX flexo plates, Acme’s Robot and MultiGamut colour system, plus 24/7 world-class manufacturing with the highest levels of quality and consistency.