Whilst many products on the shelf have been designed by Raised Image, we are not a design studio per se. We interface with design studios to obtain approval for minor alterations required, since the printing process have unique capabilities and constraints.

These are a few recommendations we make to designers, and these generally include the following:

– Talk to the printer on the reprohouse, so that they are able to warn of potential problems.

– What is the colour of the substrate? If for example one has to print onto white material, it allows for an extra print station to be used for an additional colour in the job. i.e) no white ink needs to be used.

– Determine the number of print stations available, as it may be an 6,8 or 10 colour press.

– Where possible print company logo’s separately to the C.M.Y.K, as a client may want to “fiddle” a picture, which in turn may affect the logo.

– Preferably do not create vignettes down to zero.

– Barcodes should preferably be printed in the machine direction (direction of web travel through the press), as this leads to less distortion of the code.

– Avoid combining a screen/tint with a large solid colour, as different ink metering rollers (anilox) will possibly be used.

– Supply ink spot colour codes (Pantone is most common) if possible

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